Henderson Connections
Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry


July-Aug 2014 - Website created and completed
November 2014 - Added Calculate Family Relationships page

April 2015 - Added additional information to Henderson Sampler page,

April 2015 - Added Hopewell Church, Mecklenburg County, NC page with map.

2015-2016 - Small changes to Family Outline and small corrections

January 2017 - Many updates and improvements.

Changed organization of Part I, including chapter order and chapter names. Links are still the same except 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 menu pages, the three pages I added, and the one I deleted.

Removed "Descendants of" pages from each chapter in Part 2, since they were just duplicated information from the Family Outline.

Updated Family Outline with new file.

Updated Calculate Family Relationships with new file and moved to 1-1.

Added Timeline page to 1-1.

Added Bethesda in TX page to 1-4 to make the next section shorter and to add map.

Deleted Marion AL section because of outdated info, but incorporated some of it into new page Life in Alabama.

Added Life in Alabama page to 1-3 to incorporate some relevant info from Marion section and part of Migration page. Added a map and Streetview.

Checked all "next page" buttons and fixed a few broken ones.

Replaced all maps with updated Google Maps on Hopewell Church, Life in Alabama, Bethesda in AL, Woolley-Edmonds Cemetery, Bethesda in TX.

Added Google Street View scenes on Hopewell Church, Life in Alabama, Bethesda in AL, Bethesda in TX.

Added a few text transitions between rearranged sections for flow.

Moved a section of text from 3-3 Weddings into 1-2 Beginnings: Vivian's Connections and 1-4 Bethesda Church: Bethesda in TX, rearranged some of the text in those two sections for better organization of story.

Added photos of authors to Part 4.

Updated all text site-wide with copyedited text. I'm aiming for a typo-free site!

Added 1978 Reunion page in Part 3. NEW PHOTOS not previously on this site!

February 2017 -

Added Other Hendersons Outline to 1-1 (Wm. Lee's parents and siblings.)

Updated Family Outline with new file. Now you can click the footnote number to get to that footnote and back again.

Added one more photo to 1-4 Bethesda in TX.

Changed photo on 2-4 Taft-Henderson Photo Mystery to be more legible.

Small corrections.

Ongoing - adding and correcting Family Outline with help from family

Ongoing - making small corrections that visitors have pointed out.

May 2017 - The printable PDF e-book is done. It looks beautiful on phone or tablet, and you can print it in parts or all together. Because this website builder will not allow me to publish it here, it's on my other website.

Future Goals:

Rebuilding this site in anything other than this outdated, uncustomizable godaddy website builder. HOWEVER, while this site lacks aesthetic appeal, it allows the order and hierarchy I need for chapters, sections, subsections, and next page navigation. The much prettier Wordpress has proven to be incapable of this seemingly simple setup without endless plugins and workarounds. I'll keep an eye on Wordpress for new options, or at some point I'll rebuild from scratch.

Thank you so much for your help! Keep the information and corrections coming! 


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