Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry
Henderson Connections

6. James Milton McGahey’s granddaughter:

Eunice Sybil Kennedy McKay (1911–2002), daughter of Linnie Pearl McGahey.

4. James Milton McGahey’s daughter Lottie Mae:

Lottie Mae McGahey (1897–1954) and her husband Fred M. Whisenhunt shortly after they married on April 22, 1917.

5. James Milton McGahey’s daughter Charlotte Rose:
Charlotte Rose “Rosie” McGahey (1892–1984) and her husband Wesley Vincent Robinson with their daughter Tommie (1913–1992), about 3.

Tommie was originally named Evie Mae, but she later changed her name to Tommie.


3. James Milton McGahey’s son John William:

John William (1886-1948) and Lilly Maud Graham McGahey with Ever Maurine, about 5, and Jimmie Lee, about 8 months, before the birth of their third child Alice Pauline.

2. Below: James and Alice McGahey with five of their eight children in 1935. From left: Henry Ernest (1905–1969), John William (1886–1948), Charlotte Rose “Rosie” Robinson (1892–1984), Lottie Mae Whisenhunt (1897–1954) and James Edward (1888–1964). The other two, Linnie Pearl Kennedy (1894–1925) and Walter Allen (1902–1966), are not in the picture, and Thomas Ward (1891) died as an infant.

1. James Milton McGahey (1861–1939), 73, and Alice Sophia Way McGahey (1865–1939), 70, on their 50th wedding anniversary, August 23, 1935.

Mary Amanda's son James Milton McGahey

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