Henderson Connections

Left: Same picnic photo as above, but clickable so you can see it bigger.

Fun with Friends

8. Sitting this one outPaul Henderson, Nora Hicks, Lola Crews, and Jack Gibson.

9. Tea timeEven their grandmothers would approve of this afternoon pastime.

10. Oh shoot! Minnie Lou York with friends, takes aim. But what's the target?

7. Jessie Henderson and Lola Crews look pretty while the gentleman oars them afloat.

Water Ways

5. DeWitt Henderson, center, and friends try out the ole swimmin' hole.

6. Paddling on the Sabine River.

Modes of Transportation

2. Charlie Henderson bare-backs on a dependable mule.

3. Lola Crews and Jessie Henderson, out for a buggy ride.

4. A bare Henderson County Courthouse with one of the first cars sold in Athens, Texas. Among Jessie Henderson Anderson's pictures, this is likely the car purchased by William Clarence Anderson about 1915.


Life may have been slower paced in the late 1800s and early 1900s when the Hendersons were new to East Texas. Hard-working and deeply religious, they still found ways to relax and have fun. Here are typical examples of the Hendersons at play.

Recreation at Sabine Community, Early 1900s

1. The John Lee Henderson family and friends picnicking on the Sabine River about 1903 or 1904.

Standing: John Lee Henderson (b. 1875), left, and Unidentified #1 Man.
Seated: Ruby Anne Taft (b. 1887), Paris Tyner (friend), Della Taft (b. 1889), Unidentified #2 Girl, Unidentified #3 Woman, Roy Taft (b. Jul 1895), Unidentified #4 Woman, Alta Taft (b. 1892), Charlie Henderson (b. Jun 1901), Lillie Eva Perkins Henderson (b. 1878), Raymond Henderson (b. Nov 1898), Unidentified #5 Girl, Unidentified #6 Woman, Jessie Lee Henderson (b. Sep 1896).

KERIN'S NOTE: Based on comparison to other photos, ages, and closeness of particular families, I believe that Unidentified #4 Woman may be Etta Henderson Hudson (b. 1876), Unidentified #1 Man may be Etta’s husband Charles Hudson (b. 1867), or possibly Jay Taft (b. 1883),  Unidentified #2 Girl may be Etta’s daughter Ina Mae Hudson (b. 1900), Unidentified #3 Woman might be Libbie Taft Lyon (b. 1879), and Unidentified #6 Woman might be Jennie Henderson York (b. 1878).

That leaves Unidentified #5 Girl, who could possibly be Etta’s oldest daughter Ethel Hudson (b. Jun 1896), who died Aug. 18, 1903 at age 7, meaning—if it’s her—this photo would have been taken shortly before her death.
I also wonder if the boy identified as Roy Taft could possibly be Etta’s son Fred Hudson (b. Apr 1898), if the rest of his family is in this photo. He looks like other photos of Fred Hudson, but I don’t have any photos of Roy Taft to compare.
Lillie Eva Perkins Henderson had a baby in May 1905. Between that and the children’s ages, we can estimate the photo date at 1903 or 1904.  

Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry
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