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Same twelve pics as the posed pics above, but clickable for higher quality so you can zoom in and see faces.

4. Family IV-B-2 on outline:
Descendants of Raymond Henderson (1898-1940) and Vivian Meredith (1902-1997), with family.
Vivian Henderson is pictured front right.

Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry
Henderson Connections

7. Family IV-B-4 on outline:
Descendants of DeWitt Henderson (1905-1967) and Ira Johnson (1911-2000), with families. Ira is pictured second from left.

2 & 3. Family IV-B-1 on outline:
Descendants of Jessie Lee Henderson (1896-1964) and William Clarence Anderson (1895-1956) and their families.

1978 Reunion

By Kerin

My mom, Carol, took these photos of a Henderson reunion in August 1978. They were not part of the Henderson book, but they are a perfect fit. These are all descendants of John Lee Henderson and Lillie Eva Perkins (under IV-B on Family Outline.) For higher-quality clickable thumbnails of these AND a slideshow of bonus candids, scroll to bottom of page.

10. Family IV-B-1-b: Family of Norman Anderson (1923-1977) and Jean Battles Anderson (1928-2011). Jean is pictured back center.

1. Vivian Anderson Castleberry exchanges a look with her husband, Curtis Castleberry, as she oversees the 1978 family reunion in Chandler, Texas. Vivian Meredith Henderson adds her branch to the family tree notebook, and Chanda Castleberry holds her niece Kerin.

Candids Slideshow

Sorry if you were trying to eat and ended up in a picture. :)

5 & 6. Family IV-B-3 on outline:
Descendants of Charlie Perkins Henderson (1901-1966) and Anna Johnson (1904-1943), with families.

11. Family IV-B-1-c: Family of Quinton Anderson (1925-2000) and Dee Robson (1937-1994). Quinton is pictured at left, Dee is next to him.

Breaking it down into smaller groups.
8 & 9. Family IV-B-1-a: Family of Curtis Castleberry (1922-2013) and Vivian Anderson Castleberry. Curtis is pictured tallest in back, and Vivian is in front of him in yellow. Right, Curtis and Vivian’s five daughters.

12. First Cousins:    IV-B-4-c: Bobbie June    IV-B-2-a: Eva Catherine    IV-B-5-a: Kris

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