Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry

6. Kerin’s Note: While I didn’t include most of the 1990s items from the original Henderson Connections, I am including this because I thought it was such a sweet tribute to Mildred. According to the caption, Mildred’s great-grandsons Ben and Drew Burton took top honors at the 1995 Reunion for their poster commemorating her. It reads:

Memories of our “GREAT” Great Grandmother Mildred Davey, because . . .
. . . She handmade Christmas stockings for Me, Ben, and my baby sister Caroline. —Drew
. . . She would make an Easter Bunny Cake with coconut fur and jelly bean eyes for us. —Ben
. . . She would make house shoes for Drew & I every winter. They are real warm. —Ben
. . . She was a good cook. I liked her chicken Best!  —Drew
. . . She made me & Drew blue & white & green & white polka dotted TV pillows and I think of her when I lay on mine watching TV.  —Ben
. . . She would let Drew & I pick the vegetables from the garden & then cook them for my lunch!  —Ben
. . . She made your favorite cake on your birthday and put a dime in the batter. Whoever got it in their piece had “Good Luck” throughout the year.  —Drew
. . . She liked to listen to music & play dominoes at the same time. We had to be quiet then (so she could think).  —Ben
. . . She let Ben & I pick plums last May off her plum tree. Then she taught mom to make plum jelly. It’s Good!  —Drew 

1. Mildred Lorraine Henderson Davey (1908–1994).

John Lee's daughter Mildred Henderson Davey

Henderson Connections

5. Mildred arranging 80th birthday roses.

4. Mildred with friend Estelle about 1929.

3. Mildred with baby brother Thomas Edgar Henderson (b. July 24, 1911). He died Jan 30, 1913, at 1 1/2.

2. Mildred Henderson (b. Aug 14, 1908) with brother DeWitt Henderson (b. May 26, 1905).

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