Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry
Henderson Connections


  • Mary Amanda had two step-daughters, Alfa Viola and Luxie Leatus Dobbins, the children of Uriah Dobbins' first wife, Margaret Henderson, who was Mary Amanda's first cousin.
  • Samantha Jane LaGrone Henderson married Julius Samuel Taft following the death of Joseph Asmon Henderson, and had four more children: Ruby Anne Taft, Julius Roy Taft, Willie Della Taft and Alta Mae Taft.
  • William Daniel's wife, Elizabeth Rebecca Isadora Mitchell Perkins brought to the marriage her three children: Lillie Eva Perkins, Lovie Dee Perkins, and Willie Mae Perkins by her deceased husband, William Basil Perkins.

Family List

William Lee Henderson (Jan 4, 1808 to Dec 10, 1883)

Married Apr 25, 1838

Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby (Nov 27, 1817 to Oct 8, 1900)



Their Children


Mary Amanda


5-1-1840 to 4-11-1911

1. John F. McGahey

on Mar 26, 1856

2. Uriah B. Dobbins

on Oct 2, 1870


Margaret Selina McGahey

William Kelsey McGahey

James Milton McGahey


William Washington Dobbins

Irma Teressa Dobbins

Essie Lorilla Dobbins

Sallie Jane Dobbins

Rosa Lee Dobbins (granddaughter but reared as daughter)


Martha Elizabeth Henderson

3-8-1842 to 10-3-1896

1. J. M. Shelby

on Dec 3, 1861

2. William T. McGahey

on Feb 5, 1867


Lillie May McGahey

Eleanor Lee McGahey


Margaret Isabelle Henderson (Belle)

7-18-1845 to 12-2-1919

John Wesley Arendell

on Nov 29, 1867

Zoe Emma Arendell

Lela Gertrude Arendell (Gertie)

Virgella Arendell (Virgie)

Leota Arendell

Mathis Marvin Arendell

Wesley Weightman Arendell


Joseph Asmon Henderson (Joe)

3-25-1847 to 10-25-1885

Samantha Jane LaGrone

on Jan 4, 1872

Effie Aletta Henderson

John Lee Henderson

Etta Henderson

Jennie Henderson

Archie Henderson

Franklin Smith Henderson II


Harriet Caroline Henderson


11-10-1850 to 12-4-1929

Jesse Edwin Crews

on July 27, 1872

Kirk Edwin Crews

Adolphus Crews (Dolphie)

Linnie Crews

Mary Emma Crews

Henry Robert Crews

Virgie Alma Crews


Sarah Jane Henderson


1-12-1853 to 3-2-1941

Henry Calvin Crews

on June 22, 1884

Walter James Crews

Lizzie Lee Crews


John Madison Henderson

7-10-1855 to 1-27-1939

Martha Jane Vining Chilcoat (Mollie)

on Feb 3, 1884

Albert Sidney Henderson

Lena Mae Henderson


William Daniel Henderson

1-21-1858 to 2-5-1929

Elizabeth Rebecca Isadora Mitchell Perkins

on Jan 6, 1889

Minnie Lee Henderson

Thomas Ward Henderson

William Paul Henderson

Lewis Earl Henderson

Lois Pearl Henderson


Franklin Smith Henderson

3-8-1860 to 10-15-1881


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