John Lee Henderson I 1779-1842 m. (in 1804) Ann Sample 1774-1830

Lived and died in Mecklenburg County, NC


I.            Betsey Henderson 1805-1807

II.            Robert Z. Henderson 1806-1880 m. Abigail A Sample, moved to McNairy County, TN

III.            William Lee Henderson 1808-1883 m. Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby, moved to Perry Co., AL, then Smith Co., TX (See separate outline.)

IV.            James M. Henderson 1809-1871, m. Mary E. Hunter, moved to Chester County, TN

V.            John Elam Henderson 1810-1879, m. (1834) Abigail Smith Bradley 1814-__, m. (1871) Mary A Kellogg, moved to Perry Co., AL, 1851/52.

                   A.            Jane E Henderson 1836-__, m. (1851) Samuel Watson Herron 1830-__, b. NC, moved to Perry Co., AL, then back to Mecklenburg Co., NC after 1860?, but this history is unclear.

                   B.            Rebecca Henderson 1838-before 1870?, b. NC, moved to Perry Co., AL, her history and father of her child are unclear

                                                   1.       Murray Elam Anderson 1866-1933

                   C.            James McKnitt Henderson 1841-__ m. Anna Thomas, b. NC, moved to Perry Co., AL, after that is unclear

                   D.            Margaret S Henderson 1843-1869 m. (1863) Uriah Belton Dobbins 1838-1903,[1] b. NC, moved to Perry Co., AL, she died there.

                                                   1.       Alfa Viola Dobbins 1866-1938

                                                   2.       Luxie Leatus Dobbins 1867-1939

                    E.            Lorena Isabella Henderson 1846-1875 m. (1865) George Thomas Dunklin 1844-1895,[2] born in NC to Perry Co., AL, to Henderson Co., TX

                    F.            Hugh Cunningham Henderson 1848-1885, m. Mary Elizabeth Stephens 1844-1925, born in NC to Perry Co, AL to Henderson Co., TX then Smith Co., TX

                                                   1.       Knox Henderson 1871-1931

                                                   2.       Elam Henderson 1873-1947

                                                   3.       Emmett Mathis Henderson 1875-1941

                                                   4.       Leon Henderson 1877-1935

                                                   5.       Samuel Watson Henderson 1879-1952

                   G.            Laura Ann Henderson 1853-1891 m. William Foster Horton 1851-1910, moved from Perry Co., AL, to Hamilton and Mills Co., TX (central TX)

                   H.            Alice Satira Henderson 1856-1918 m. Thomas Mathias Nichols 1854-1930, died in Perry Co., AL

VI.            Jemima Narcissus Henderson 1812-1879. m. Milton Alexander, moved one county north to Iredell County, NC

VII.            McKnitt A. Henderson 1813-1850 m. Catherine Louisa Herron, stayed in Mecklenburg Co., NC

VIII.            Isabella Elizabeth Henderson 1814-1883 m. Lorenzo Dow Porter, moved to Perry Co. then Dallas Co., AL.

IX.            Amanda Ann Henderson 1816-1896 m. James Madison Shelby[3] 1814-1889, moved to Perry Co., AL, then Smith Co., TX.

                   A.            James Adams Shelby 1843-1886 m. Mary Saphronia Mitchell[4]

                   B.            Mary Eleanor “Mollie” Shelby 1844-1899 m. Raymond Robert Hawkins

                   C.            Jane Eliza “Jennie” Shelby 1845-1902 m. (1867) John James Simons 1842-1869, m. (1876) George Thomas Dunklin 1844-1895

                   D.            John McKnitt “Mac” Shelby 1849-1917 m. (1875) Josephine Jackson 1856-1888, m. (1889) Sarah Lou Bristow 1868-1919

                    E.            Elvira Ann Shelby 1851-1862 (died in Perry Co., AL)

                    F.            Rachel Lenora “Nora” Shelby 1853-1927 m. (1876) Alfred J. Horn 1852-1902

                   G.            Martha Selina “Mattie” Shelby 1855-1925 m. (1873) John Allen Bell 1851-1920

                   H.            Margaret Amanda “Maggie” Shelby 1858-1912 m. (1878) Archibald Smith Robbins 1855-1935

                     I.            Susan Ella Shelby 1860-1911 m. Jefferson DeCal Horn




[1] After Margaret’s death, Uriah Dobbins married her first cousin Mary Amanda Henderson, they moved to Smith Co., TX, then to Wynnewood, OK.

[2] After Lorena Isabella’s death, George Thomas Dunklin married her first cousin Jane Eliza “Jennie” Shelby.

[3] Brother of Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby.

[4] Sister of Dora Mitchell Henderson (Elizabeth Rebecca Isadora Mitchell Perkins), m. William Daniel Henderson.

Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry
Henderson Connections

The Other Hendersons: One Generation Back
By Kerin

We have a full Family Outline for William Lee and Eleanor in the next section, but let's go back one generation to William Lee's parents. Several of these people are mentioned in this book, and I found myself referring to it frequently, so I thought it might help you, too. I filled this in from information I've collected on It is not thoroughly researched or fully verified. Use for general reference only, not for official research.

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