Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry

Dolphie's son Logan Walter Crews

12. Logan Walter Crews (1918–2015) with his wife Carrie Frances Lyon Crews and their children Laura Nell, Steven Logan, and Kathy Frances.

9. Linnie Helen Crews Shores (1908–2005) with her husband Roy Joseph Shores. She lived near Bethesda Church all her life and was the most reliable authority of people, places, dates and events that happened during her lifetime.

Dolphie's daughter Hattie Lola Crews

Dolphie's son Jesse Albert Crews

3. Dolphie with his wife Laura Crone Crews (1877–1960), and children Isaac Leslie (1904), Jesse Albert (1898), Hattie Lola (1902), Linnie Helen (1908), and Nora Gertrude (1914). (Before the birth of Logan Walter, below.)

Hattie's son Adolphus "Dolphie" Crews

Henderson Connections

6. Lola Crews (1902–1994) in 1917.

10. Nora Gertrude Crews Gregory (1914–1987) and her husband William Homer Gregory with their daughters Mary Helen and Laura Beth.

11. William and Nora Crews Gregory.

Dolphie's daughter Nora Gertrude Crews Gregory

Dolphie's daughter Linnie Helen Crews Shores

8. Lola Crews Gibson and Walter Hyson “Jack” Gibson.

7. Lola’s husband Walter Hyson “Jack” Gibson in uniform during World War I.

4. Dolphie and Laura’s youngest child Logan Walter Crews (1918).

5. Jesse Albert Crews (1898–1976), his wife Beatrice Graham Crews, and their son Jesse Anthony (1942–2014).

1 & 2: Adolphus Crews (1875–1947), always known as Dolphus or Dolphie, as a young man, and in a later photo.

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