Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry
Henderson Connections

W. T. McGahey
Martha Elizabeth McGahey
Lilly McGahey
William Daniel Henderson
William Lee Henderson
Eleanor Salina Henderson
Sarah Jane Henderson
Joseph Asmon Henderson
Viola Dobbins
James McGahey
Thomas A. Love
Francis A. Love
Mrs. S. J. Henderson
Hugh C. Henderson
Mrs. Hugh C. Henderson
John M. Henderson
Mrs. M. S. McGahey
Uriah Dobbins
Miss E. L. McGahey
Mrs. Mary Dobbins
Miss L. L. Dobbins
Mr. Parish
Mrs. Mary A. Ferguson
Mr. Wm. Henry Way
Miss Alice Sophia Way
Henry C. Crews
Mr. J. A. Fusselman
Mrs. J. A. Fusselman
Mrs. Sallie Smith
Miss N. L. Smith
Mrs. Dora Henderson
Mrs. Forest Ferguson
James Henderson
Miss Mary Hollis
Mrs. Joe Wallace
Mr. Joe Wallace
Lillie Eva Perkins
J. B. Spencer
Lovy Perkins
Wm. T. Rountree
H. R. Crews
Frank Hollis
Franklin S. Henderson
Pendulum Herring
Mrs. Emma Howell
Alma Crews
Walter J. Crews
A. Sidney Henderson
Lena May Henderson
Mr. S. A. Verner
Miss Lula Flemings
Miss Lizzie Crews
Mr. C. W. Fleming
Edward McGahey
Mrs. Laura Crews
John McGahey
Miss Willie Perkins
Miss Minnie Lee Henderson
Mrs. A. McDougal
Miss Rosa McGahey
Miss Pearl McGahey
Ward Henderson
Mr. Ira McDougal
Mr. Haley Genn
Archie Fleming
John Ferguson
Miss Elmer York
Mrs. Alta Henderson
John C. Taylor
Lewis Henderson
Archie Raymond Henderson
L. C. Howard
Albert Jesse Crews
Herman H. Crews
Roy Taft
Henry Ferguson
Mary Elvira Ferguson
Charlie Perkins Henderson
Mrs. Hattie Low
Mrs. Velma Jones
Mrs. Lena Crews
Mrs. J. M. Henry
Mrs. Lottie McGahey
Miss Lola Crews
Mr. Ed Williams
Mrs. Ed Williams
Paul Henderson
Mrs. E. D. Henderson
Miss Alma Clinton
Gordon Clinton
Clara Mae Clinton
Wilson Ferguson
Mrs. Mabel Mitchell
Mabel Mitchell
Mamie Mitchell
DeWitt Henderson
Ira John Buckalew
Thomas Earl Prerie
Lena H. Crews
Linnie Helen Crews
Mildred Henderson
Ralph Howard
Mr. Herbert Ferguson
Pearl Pauline Vickery
Leslie Crews
Mrs. B. Beasley

Bethesda Church Roll 1924

There continues to be some discrepancy in records. On June 25, 1925, Dr. S. M. Tenney provided a Bethesda Church Roll. It includes some, but not all, of the individuals who had joined the church, but had not transferred their letters. It also has incomplete information on reasons for acceptance, transfer, dismissal and discipline. His church roll, through July 28, 1924, includes:

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