Descendants of William Lee Henderson and Eleanor Ann Selina Shelby
From the unpublished book written by Vivian Anderson Castleberry
Henderson Connections

5. The same beautiful lady, Elvira Ferguson Ford, on her 95th birthday in October 1992. She was the widow of Victor Roe Ford.

4. This beauty is Lillie May’s daughter Mary Elvira Ferguson (1897-1997) at age 18, as a graduate of Lindale High School in Lindale, Texas. She went by the name Elvira. Her father, William Forrest Ferguson, died when she was 6.

1. Lillie May McGahey Ferguson (1868–1950).

It appears someone added their own pencil markings to this photo!

3. Lillie May Ferguson’s children, taken probably around 1909–1910.

In back: Elvira, John, and Henry. In front: Wilson and Hubert.

2. Lillie May McGahey and her husband William Forrest Ferguson with three of the eight children born to them.

Left to right: John Allen (1893–1971), Ella Mae (1890–1897), and William Prentiss (1888–1945). Ella Mae died at age 6.

An infant son, Horace Neely (b. 1892), died at 9 months. Four others—Henry McLean (1895–1953), Mary Elvira (1897–1997), Wilson Forrest (1899–1960), and Hubert (1902–1975)—were born after this picture was made.

Martha's daughter Lillie May McGahey Ferguson

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